Cloud Infrastructure Management

Fully managed enterprise cloud hosting with auto-scaling and load balancing, at an affordable price. Magicnines' Cloud Infrastructure Management service helps to maintain the health, performance, and security of any public cloud infrastructure including Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and any private cloud built using Eucalyptus or OpenStack.

Public Cloud Management

Migration & Transfer

Our expert technicians help our clients to migrate and transfer files from one server to another.

Control Panel Setup

We provide Plesk, Cpanel, VestaCP, SolidCP setup with Virtual Private Server as per your requirements.

System Flexibility

Get your required Operating System platform with Cloud VPS. We provide both Linux and Windows VPS.

Load Balancing Setup

For clients who prefer multiple VPSs for the same purpose, we provide the Classic and Application load balancer.

Security Inspection

If you need periodic monitoring of your server's security standards, our experienced team can help you with that.

Disaster Recovery

If any of our servers ever crash, we guarantee to recover all your valuable information and restore them as they were before.


Trained Professionals

To professionally manage the entire infrastructure of your website and server, we have some highly qualified professionals, to provide excellent Infrastructure Management support.

Dedicated Assistance

Get completely dedicated assistance from our experts anytime for fixing, securing or managing any issues in the entire web server, to achieve the best possible performance from the server.

Multi-Cloud Expertise

We have specialized Multi-Cloud Management Team, having Multi-Cloud (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Openstack, Rackspace, VMware Cloud) Expertise for providing optimum security.

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