Sitelock - Malware Scanner

Protect your website with world-class SiteLock Website Security, i.e. Website Malware Scanner. Website Malware Scanners scan your website for malicious software and other malicious attacks. If something harmful is recognized, you'll be alerted immediately. A website malware scanner acts as a warning system for your website when threats are detected, you'll be notified instantly. You can scan your website one step further by choosing a solution that automatically scans your website.

Sitelock Features

Periodic Scans

Website Scanning feature scans for malware in website, applications, and network to ensure your website is never blacklisted.

Blacklist Monitoring

Sitelock Malware Scanner inspects blacklists everytime and automatically blocks requests from blacklisted IPs.

Website Firewall

It prevents SQL injection, cross-site scripting & remote files include and blocks bad bots from trying to steal your data.

Optimized Speed

To provide uninterrupted security, Sitelock works on unlimited bandwidth, ensuring faster browsing through your webpages.

Platform Compatibility

SiteLock is fully compatible with every hosting platform (Linux/Windows), every security certificate, and every application.

24×7 Friendly Support

Our services come with 24×7 support by email. You can also call us or chat with our expert executives during office hours.


Prevents Malware Attacks

SiteLock scans 24x7 for any type of vulnerabilities and malware attacks on your website, which means less concern about the website's security and more focus on business strategies.

Increase Customer Trust

Most of the Customers find the Sitelock Security Sign on a website before submitting any personal information in a form. So, the Sitelock Sign not only helps to gain customer trust but also increases sales.

Starts Scanning Instantly

No technical expertise is required for installing and setting up Sitelock for your website. Sitelock is a reliable cloud-based scanning program and starts scanning your website and emails immediately after setting up.


Choose The Pricing Plan

Basic Security

90 / month
  • 25 page scan
  • Daily Malware scan
  • Control Panel
  • Powered by Sitelock;
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

Professional Security

250 / month
  • 100 page scan
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • FTP Scan
  • Powered by Sitelock;
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

Premium Security

350 / month
  • 500 page scan
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • FTP Scan
  • Powered by Sitelock;
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support